How Displayit solutions was born

Do you know where those critical drawings are or that all important manual that always seems to go missing just when you need it. Displayit Solutions was born from a need from people like yourself.  A engineer came to me one day a few years back and said to me “Cynthia if you could figure out a way to get these asbuilt drawings up on the wall without using duck tape I would love you” Now I new the “love you” part was facetious but I love a challenge and decided to look into it. I did a  lot of researching and found out that contractors were using other means such as duck tape or duck tape with plexi or wooden frames that took two men to get the holder  up or down. What I didn’t find was a ready made holder.  So I pushed further and did some research into what would be the best material to use for not only price but durability and came up with a co polyester material like Pet G.  After working on a good design I finally came up with the Single Sided Holder. It could hold multiple drawings, easily viewed and was very versatile in mounting.(either on a wall, door or a communications cabinet). That is how Displayit was born out of a need having a conversation with a person who was frustrated with what was being used to date.  Our products have grown to include secured offerings down to smaller products that take up very little wall space but can hold a whole set of drawings.

Critical Facilites and Operations Document Management

When talking about critical facilities and operations document management, it’s important to understand what that really means. It’s not enough to take the building construction drawings and specifications, update change notices and as-built information and call it a day. What needs to be done next is to combine that existing information with the equipment shop drawings, service & maintenance manuals and processes and you’re still not done yet. So what’s next?

You then need to determine how best to support your site, for example; are you going to have on site management and service technicians or are you going to rely on off site management and support  for your building? Will you be able to ensure you get the same support technicians to respond to your calls every time or will it be whoever may be on call at that time? Not until you answer theses questions will you know to what detail you will need to go in creating your facilities management documentation.

The more control you have regarding the support and management teams the easier it will be on you.  But make no mistake, the less documentation you have the more you will need to rely on your support team and the less control you will have over your building. So  make sure to document everything, it takes the guess work out of it and puts you back in control.

Keith Fortune


BICSI’s FAll Conference

See what is new in the industry you can’t beat the Fall BICSI’s Las Vegas show.  Let us know if you are going and want to see our products?

Enjoy the show!

Wesco’s Customer Appreciation Barbecue

The Wesco Barbecue on Vancouver Island was a great chance for us to meet not only the staff but to introduce our products to the island. Thank you to the great planning team at Wesco for organizing a great event.

See you next year!


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